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Cryptocurrency is ruling the world and almost everyone is getting driven towards it.
Proving the "rags to riches" in real this investment has been on the mind of almost every investor.
Who dislikes making money seamlessly and in no time?
Probably no one of us. And that's the power of cryptocurrency.
So, through this explanatory read, we will spill the beans relating to Luno - a Cryptocurrency exchange.
Luno Login has several benefits but the most appealing one is that it is a gateway to your success, particularly the financial one.
What is Luno?- getting a check
If you are a greenhorn or have just decided to step into the world of cryptocurrency then it's a must-know thing before you take any move.
What do you think?
Well, getting clarity on a subject is a good idea particularly when you are a beginner.
Luno, like peas in a pod to other crypto exchanges, is a platform providing comprehensive solutions to investors to put in their funds with the aim of achieving financial success effortlessly and securely.
The devices from which you can begin your Luno journey are:
* Through the website using a desktop
* Through mobile devices (Android/iOS) by getting its app
What makes Luno Login exceptionally good?
Creating a platform by incorporating all the essential services and titles is not what makes a platform rank well.
There are certain facts that we discovered whilst our investigation that make this platform rank on the top list of investors.
Below, are highlighted keys that you should know:
* User-friendly interface: The platform is equipped by involving all the trading essentials and listing them in a simple manner, easy for the investors to access.
* Security: Investment and security go hand in hand. To ensure that the activities to be performed with Luno Login are confidential, a robust mechanism is designed and followed.
* Valuable support: Having someone's back is another important aspect that plays a crucial role in achieving your set target. The platform provides unbiased and uncompromised support to all its investors around the clock.
The first step towards Luno: The Registration
Before availing of the benefits that come under the umbrella of Luno Login, investors have to get themselves enrolled with the platform.
To get access to the platform's service, they need to undergo the sign-up process of Luno.
Give a check the steps to be followed to get registered on the exchange:
1. Navigate to the official website of Luno
2. For exchange’s services, from the top panel, click on “Exchange”
3. Now, hit on “Sign Up” and then you’ll be directed to the next page
4. Fill up the asked information i.e. the email address and password to be created
5. Craft the password as per the guidelines provided on that page
6. Confirm you’re not a robot by clicking on “I’m Not a Robot”
7. Tap on “Let’s Go” and perform the further prompted actions to complete the registration process
Additional Note: To get the latest news, promos, or tips relating to the Luno Login, mark a tick in the box provided just below the password box.
Head ahead in the journey - here’s how
Got registered successfully??
Congrats…now the real journey begins.
Yeah!! We will now be shedding light on the sign-in steps to get access to the services supported by the platform and below is the directory for the same.

1. Reach out to the official website of Luno
2. Firstly, tap on “Exchange” from the top label panel followed by “Sign In”
3. On the Luno Login page, provide your registered email address
4. Tap on “Next” and then perform the other prompted actions to get into your Luno account
5. Once you get into your account, start performing the operations that you want to
6. Wait, there is another question that most investors ask for and maybe you too are wondering about it.
And, the query is whether one can get into his account via the social account.
Let’s evaluate it to reach a conclusion.
Is Luno Login done through social accounts?
The answer is pretty simple. Yes, one can avail of the services of Luno by logging through his social accounts.
To inform, the social platforms supported by Luno Exchange are:
* Login through Google account
* Login through your Apple account, and
* Continue through Facebook
Reporting a suspicious activity
Detected suspicious activity that took place on your account?
Worry not. Don’t panic, just report the issue at its earliest to the concerned authority.
The actions that you need to take for the same have been laid underneath.
1. Reach the official website of Luno
2. Scroll down the page, tap on “Help Center”> “Using Exchange”
3. Find the “Report Suspicious Activity”
4. From the list select the concerned issue
5. Perform further on-screen instruction to treat the issue at its earliest

Winding up
The above informational read was crafted to provide you with the surface idea relating to the Luno Login. Just like other exchanges and crypto platforms, the trading data on this platform is also confidential. Thus, you need to be very cautious while making any move. Don’t commit the mistake of sharing your data or account’s sensitive key with anyone. Keep the account’s key somewhere safe i.e. out of the reach of an unauthorised person. Try to make an offline note of it instead of saving it digitally. Lastly, always access your account through a trusted device.